Posted by: Nathan M. | January 24, 2008

I’m Sick!

Hey everybody, I’m all crappy-feeling right now because I’m sick. I skipped my philosophy class as a result…GASP!, actually we don’t learn all that much in the class anyways. I just went onto the Wadsworth timeline to catch up. Interesting website, by the way. I may just add a link for it on this nifty blog of mine! Anyways, my theory is that I just had the flu, and because my immune system was down, my body wasn’t able to fight off this dang cold…perhaps I’ll be perpetually sick from now on, until my immune system just dies, and then I’ll die! (Wow, kinda emo of me, isn’t it?) It sucks though, because I’m a choir member at my university. I was the only male 1st tenor (I specify male because there were two girls that sang 1st tenor with me), now I have some male help in the realm…one guy jumped from second to first tenor…yeah! But, the absence of my voice definitely hits the choir. Besides, I love singing! I hate not being able to! I’m the type of guy that is singing literally all of the time…I just took up playing guitar recently, simply so that I could have an accompaniment to my singing, although I’m really enjoying playing guitar…and it’s a cheaper hobby then my snowboarding obsession. Besides, I can play guitar anytime! Ok, now I’m just rambling. I apologize for boring you! Wait, what am I saying! Nobody reads this blog anyways…I’m sorry internet for polluting you with purposeless sentences, lol. Wouldn’t that be something if this blog was actually being read by some crazy AI that swirls around on the internet? Something that has developed, and is now gobbling up information and preparing itself to take over the world through knowledge? Scary! Well, maybe he’ll…it’ll read my blog and realize that it would be pointless to take over this world! Hey, live well…don’t give up, love life! God bless.



  1. I guess I’m proof that someone out there IS reading your blogs… haha.

    You know you’re the only person on this planet, to have made a link to the page?

    Yep… I guess the greatest band… isn’t too well known. Yet. muahaha.

    Anyways.. I love you.

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