Posted by: Nathan M. | January 4, 2009

Canadian Democracy

This entry, I will say right now, is going to be a rant, so please bear with me. First of all, I would like to express my disgust towards the claim that the idea of a coalition government is a usurpation of democracy in this glorious country of ours. Many people appear not to realize the fact that Stephen Harper did not receive a majority of the votes. In fact, 62.63% of Canadians did not want Stephen Harper as Prime Minister. What this tells me is that Canadians voted for a coalition, or at least a government that would have multiple parties working together. The problem is that Harper has ruled as if he has a majority; he has tried to run this country in a way that implies that the majority of Canadians have faith in him, which is not true. Now, understand; I do not necessarily hate Harper. I simply desire that he recognize the fact that he needs to work with the other parties. The ideal situation in this country is one where different parties are forced to work together and make concessions, so that it isn’t a “winner take all” scenario. The winner may reap the most benefits, but the looser is still represented in parliament, and concessions are made to this representation. This rant may be a little late, I will admit, because it appears that Harper is on his way to backtracking and making concessions, however, I’m not entirely sure that I can trust him after what he has done.

Here lies the important point; many people would say; “well, what is it that he’s done that has been so very wrong?” My answer is this; when he tried to eliminate the funding of the other parties…yes, that is exactly what it was…he was trying to undercut democracy. Harper was well aware of the fact that the other political parties receive most of their funding from the government coffers. In response to all you who claim that if they are not receiving money, than they must not have support, I say that they should view the past political victories that the Liberals have received. The fact is that the rich tend to support the conservative party, and the poor tend to support the liberals. This is understandable since socialism can only lead to less money for the rich, and more for the poor and impoverished. This, however, is a positive thing, not a negative thing. I could hardly believe Harper’s use of the phrase socialist as a derivative term. Tommy Douglas, the best politician that this country has ever seen, was voted as Canada’s “greatest Canadian” in a CBC sponsored event. Tommy Douglas, in every sense of the phrase, was a socialist. How then, can Harper be using this as an insult? As a reason to not allow the coalition party to gain prominence? I will admit that too much socialism can lead to a great amount of debt, but Tommy Douglas eliminated the debt of Saskatchewan, demonstrating that a socialist government can do very well financially. But Harper does not learn from the past very much; he would rather set his own path. A bull comes to mind as the greatest pet for Harper, they would have a lot in common. I do hope that Harper can develop a budget that fits better with a minority government; which will make concessions to all of the parties. It would be better for this country if Harper learns to share the sandbox, but if he cannot learn this lesson, than I say ENOUGH! It is time for a change. Harper has his chance to right the wrong he made, now we simply have to watch and wait to see how he does.

I’m sorry, I only have one more comment for today. I would like to briefly mention the fact that Flaherty has released a possible tax cut…WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Tax cuts do not stimulate the economy in any way. It is cheaper to buy foreign, so the money is simply sent out of the country. Besides, has the government not had to sell enough crown goods already? It is time for stimulation of the economy, not for free hand-outs of the government. Intelligent action is needed here, not simply publicity stunts and easy-“look what we did”-schemes. Please, Conservative Party, shape up!


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