Posted by: Nathan M. | January 4, 2009

Gaza Attack

One of the fundamental tasks of any nation is to protect the citizens of that nation. If this is untrue, then there is virtually no purpose for a nation to exist. There must be a security system set up for the people of the nation. This idea was illustrated with Jean Jacques Rousseau’s Social Contract, in which Rousseau demonstrated how a contract is made between government and people, with the agreement that the government will serve and protect the people, and the people will respond with obedience to the government. If a nation is being constantly threatened, and war is the only alternative, than it is necessary for the nation to take action and go to war. Israel made many attempts at peace-talks with the Gaza Strip, but when the rocket attacks continued, it was imperative that Israel make a move.
It is difficult for many of us from the West to understand this need, I will concede this. Most of us live in nations that have not been attacked or threatened within our lifetimes. We live in virtual security from attack, although this can change quickly. The fact is that we cannot understand the need to respond to violence with war. Perhaps the American people understand this a little better, but America has never been attacked in any significant way; there was never a threat to security. When there was a threat to the safety of the American people, the response was quick and violent, but necessary. If America did not respond to an attack, the American people would no longer feel safe, and for good reason. If there was a constant attack on Canada, Canadian forces would respond; in all likelihood much sooner than the Israeli forces responded, since Israel has been forced into a habit of patience by the Western world and external circumstances. In America, the response would be immediate, so there has never been a chance to see what would occur with continual attacks, because America will not put up with more than one. There is nothing wrong with this; it is protection of the people, and this is vital to every country’s structure. I love Canada because I am secure here. I know that the chance of attack is so small that it is not worth mentioning. I also know that I am secure as an individual, in that I have a good chance of not getting mugged or murdered, because of our police system. National security in this country is largely gained through use of peace-negotiations, and friends in high places. Not all countries have this tool, especially countries such as Israel which reside in the midst of a very turbulent area of hate and tension.
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The United Nations Security Council held a special meeting Saturday evening on the crisis, while UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for an immediate end to Israel’s ground operation.

In a statement ahead of the UN meeting, the U.S. State Department said the United States is working toward a ceasefire for Gaza that would not allow Hamas to continue firing rockets into Israel.

“We are not war-hungry, but we shall not, I repeat, we shall not allow a situation where our towns, villages and civilians are constantly targeted by Hamas,” Barak told reporters.

U.S. deputy ambassador Alejandro Wolff said the United States saw no prospect of Hamas abiding by last week’s council call for an immediate end to the violence. Therefore, he said, a new statement now “would not be adhered to and would have no underpinning for success, would not do credit to the council.”

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