Posted by: Nathan M. | January 5, 2009

Gaza Strip-Increased Calls for Peace

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Intense diplomatic efforts are under way to try to secure a ceasefire in Gaza, with separate missions to the Middle East being led by the French president, and a high-level EU team.

Palestinian medical sources say the number of people killed in Gaza now stands at more than 500, with some 2,500 wounded. These figures cannot be independently verified.

Five Israelis have been killed since the start of Israel’s military operation, which is now in its 10th day.

Palestinian militants fired 20 missiles into southern Israel on Monday, the Israeli army said.

A spokesman for Unrwa, the UN aid agency for the Palestinians, said food was urgently needed and people were facing “serious hunger”, with supplies for just 48 hours.

“We need and we ask for an immediate ceasefire, which is mainly first a humanitarian truce, which we hope will lead to a durable ceasefire in order to restart the political discussions,” said Eric Chevalier.

But Ms Livni said Israel was aiming to “change the equation in the region”.

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I still find it absolutely ridiculous that there are so many delegates throughout the world and so many people that are demanding Israel to seek peace, and demanding Israel to enact a cease-fire. The solution to this problem is very simple; Gaza needs to refrain from attacking Israel citizens. Why in the world would Israel stop the attack because Gaza is being stupidly stubborn? Do you stop punishing a bully in school, because the bully refuses to stop bullying? No, you continue to punish the bully, and eventually, if the bully persists, you remove him from the school. This is exactly what Israel is doing. If Gaza would agree to stop attacking with Rockets, than Israel would agree to stop attacking Gaza. And yet, there are talks by the Gaza administration to increase attacks on citizens of Israel! This is not the time for peace, this is a time for the world to show that we do not put up with bullies in this sandbox.

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