Posted by: Nathan M. | January 5, 2009

Obama-Silence is the Best Tool

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He has made statements on the economy, the carmakers bailout, and the attacks in Mumbai – so why nothing on Gaza?
Well, with the exception of Mumbai, he has spoken only about domestic issues – seen as fair game for an incoming President.
Whatever he says now will be regarded as policy, but the political landscape in the Middle East could be quite different when he is sworn in.
Visiting the Israeli town of Sderot in July, he suggested that he too would respond if rockets were being fired at his house.
However, he has been careful to avoid definitive statements which lock him into a particular course of action though.
But there is very little political advantage for Barack Obama in revealing his hand before he sits at the table for real.
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Again, we see Obama remaining silent and not allowing anything to get to close to his own policies and person. Although the Gaza attack is obviously not a person in itself, it is so full of possibilities for scandal that the most intelligent thing for Obama to do is simply stay back until he is officially given the reigns. If he groups himself with Bush, and that policy fails…well, there’s some mud on Obama’s hands. If Obama goes against Bush, first of all he will be undercutting any type of policy being presently employed by the Governmental administration, and secondly; if Bush does well in this scenario, then Obama has mud on his hands. Either way, Obama is better off staying silent and letting things go until he is the President. So, if people are wondering why they don’t hear much from Obama these days, it is because Obama is one of the most intelligent politicians to enter the arena in a very long time; I think I am going to thoroughly enjoy this show!

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