Posted by: Nathan M. | January 5, 2009

Obama-The First Test

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Richardson’s withdrawal poses the first major obstacle to Obama during his transition. The president-elect had swiftly assembled his cabinet so he could hit the ground running on January 20–particularly on economic matters. Now, a little more than two weeks before his inauguration, he needs to pick a new commerce secretary.
Obama has said he accepted Richardson’s decision with “deep regret.” Still, sources have said that Obama didn’t exactly try to talk him out of stepping down.
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Well, it seams that Obama has had to experience his first test of PR after his victory. The Richardson issue, however, can hardly be considered a very large test for the President-elect to undergo. At this point, it is not conclusive that Richardson did anything wrong, but even if it is proven that he was at fault, he is nowhere near Obama politically. Obama does not have to worry about any type of accountability in this issue, and if anything, Obama is breathing a sigh of relief, because he won’t have to deal with this issue after his cabinet has been established. Once the cabinet is made, any actions by any members will fall into Obama’s lap. Fortunately, nobody will blame Obama in any way for this. To consider this a test is in most ways a fallacy. All Obama has to do is what he’s being doing thus far; keep his nose clean, and not really defend anybody. If someone messes up, that’s their problem. If he can keep this up, then Obama only has to worry about his own mistakes; and ideal situation for a President, especially one with the high expectations that are sitting on Obama’s shoulders.

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