Posted by: Nathan M. | January 5, 2009

Oil-The Blood of the World

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NEW YORK ( — Oil prices rose Monday following the movement of Israeli forces into the Gaza Strip this weekend, adding to worries about Middle East supply disruption.
U.S. crude for February delivery rose $1 to $47.34 a barrel.

There are worries that fighting in the Middle East could lead to a withholding of supplies from a major oil producing nation such as Iran.

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There are many countries and nations on the rise right now, as we all are well-aware of. I think that if anybody denies that Oil will have a massive impact on our world within the next five years, they haven’t been following the news at all. Some of the most prominent producers of Oil are leaning more and more against the U.S. and the West. As well, Russia, itching to make some type of move, has taken steps to become friendly with many Oil-Rich, Islamic nations, not to mention the fact that Russia itself is rich in Oil, in amounts that we have not begun to realize as yet. It will be very interesting to watch what will happen with the division of nations, I believe largely on account of two things; Oil, and Islamism. May God be with us during this time!

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