Posted by: Nathan M. | January 10, 2009

Peace? Peace for who?

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Mussa Abu Marzuk, the Damascus-based deputy head of the Hamas politburo, said movement would reject any ceasefire that did not lift the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip.

“Hamas has no comments on the (UN) resolution, because it has not been asked to accept or reject it.”

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This is one of the most profound things that I have heard quoted in a long time by the Gaza-Strip administration. Hamas has not been asked to accept or reject the UN resolution, because the resolution does not call on Hamas for peace. The focus in this entire conflict is on Israel’s attack, and yet there is a blatant ignoring of the Hamas aggression. Until this issue is dealt with, there will be no cease-fire. The UN, and all nations of the world must understand that Israel has a duty to protect it’s citizens; until a peace-treaty arrives that guarantees the discontinuation of rocket attacks, Israel will continue to pursue their objectives.
It is somewhat shocking to me that the media has thus-far ignored the fact that Hamas is willing to persist in attacking Israel, even though innocent civilians must be put into danger. This is Hamas’ weapon in the end; the fact that the world is outraged with Israel. This is the plan; this is why Hamas claims that Israel’s attack is the first step towards victory for the Islamic extremists. The sympathy of the world is always with the perceived underdog. Because the instigation of this conflict; the rockets, did not receive a significant amount of world awareness, and because the attack of the Gaza strip has the world’s eyes riveted to the situation, the world views Israel as in the wrong, and the Gaza Strip as somehow free from blame. It is time for the world to view this situation as a delving out of justice-not an underdog being attacked, but an evil-yes evil-tyrannical leader being put down.

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