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It’s hard to overlook the paradox. Greece, “the cradle of democracy” is now ablaze and the political system fathered by Plato and Aristotle lies in ruins, amid the smolderering debris, scattered throughout the streets of the ancient city.
But Greece like many “post democratic” ( by this I mean, states where legitimate representative government has been usurped by a ruling clique which only represents corporate and military interests at the expense of the general electorate) societies is really a timocracy (1).
Are our so called “liberal democracies” withering away? They might be.
The economic crisis is huge and Greece is showing, I think, the future for what will happen in other countrie s” he told the BBC in a recent interview.
In the U.S’ neighbour, Canada, parliament was effectively shut down (and so was the democratic process) or prorogued by the Prime Minister, Stephan Harper.
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I would recommend that you read the entirety of the article that I am here quoting, it gives a very profound perspective on recent events.
It is interesting to watch as all around the world there is an increase on limitations to human rights, while there is an increase in unrest and violence. What this brings to my mind is Marxist theory; Karl Marx believed that communism would not rise up in countries like Russia where there was very little industrialization and proletariat. In fact, Marx believed that communism would be the result of an educated proletariat rising up in well-developed countries with a great amount of manufacturing and a flourishing economy. I am not advocating communism, nor am I suggesting that communism will result, but it is an interesting notion. Keep in mind; I do not mean Stalinist or Leninist communism…it is an interesting correlation.

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