Posted by: Nathan M. | January 13, 2009

Gaza-Here Comes Iran

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Iran Threatens to Break Israel’s Gaza Blockade

It is hard to imagine how much worse the situation could get, but the confrontation in Gaza could see a dangerous escalation in the coming days as Iran threatens to break the Israeli blockade and deliver urgently needed medical supplies and other aid to the coastal strip.

Even at the best of times Iran’s action would have been interpreted by US and Israeli authorities as a deliberate provocation. But given the rapid deterioration in the security situation over the past week, there are those who would accuse of Tehran of seeking a direct and possibly violent confrontation.

Professor Paul Sheldon Foote from California State University says it is time for decent people to act.

“Iran is correct for taking a stand,” he said, “Iran and other Islamic countries should do even more, such as breaking diplomatic relations with Egypt and Saudi Arabia unless the leaders of those countries end the Israeli siege, massacres, and invasions of Gaza.”

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This should not really be a surprise to anyone-Iran taking sides and using this opportunity as a way to take a hit at Israel. And, lucky for Iran, because the world is so obsessed with anti-violence sentiments, Iran has the sympathy of the world. Oh, and yes…of course Iran is definitely doing this purely for the sake of helping the people in Gaza-it has nothing to do with the fact that their leader has openly expressed his contempt for Israel. Professor Paul Sheldon Foote from California State University has not experienced rockets aimed at his homes anytime recently-mainly because he lives in a country that would retaliate-therefore, I don’t think that Professor Paul Sheldon Foote from California State University really has the right to make a judgment call on what is a massacre, and what is defense.


  1. As a Vietnam veteran who fought the communists in Vietnam, I am very familiar with having Russian 122 rockets and mortar rounds landing near me. America dropped enough bombs on North Vietnam to cover every square inch of North Vietnam at least three times. Fortunately, America did not kill every man, woman, and child in North Vietnam. America could have turned North Vietnam into an ashtray.

  2. That’s true, America didn’t kill every man, woman, and child in North Vietnam even though they could…neither is Israel towards the Gaza Strip. However, as the American government has stated, there is a heightened level of civilian casualties in this crisis because of the difficulties of the close proximity that the terrorist groups have with civilians. I think that it also needs to be remembered that most of the information about the horrific civilian casualties occurring has been coming from Hamas, whom I have already stated is doing his best to play on the world’s sympathies. In addition, I am talking about someone who experiences rockets being aimed at their homes, their families, their children. It is very much different to go to a place for the purpose of war in order to fight. You are putting yourself in harm’s way, but would you bring your children with you when you do this? I don’t think so. In fact, most would go to any length to take their children out of harm’s way; therefore, retaliation is necessary to avoid future and continual rocket attacks. The Israelis didn’t ask for the attacks.

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