Posted by: Nathan M. | January 17, 2009

Gaza Strip-The End?

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Israel declares unilateral ceasefire in Gaza
Israel has declared a unilateral ceasefire in the Gaza Strip to take effect within hours, suspending the Jewish state’s 22-day-old offensive against Palestinian militant group Hamas.
“Hamas was hit hard, in its military arms and in its government institutions,” Olmert said.
The Israeli declaration comes despite Israel not concluding any deal with Hamas, which has controlled Gaza since June 2007 and has been negotiating separately with Egyptian officials in recent days to end the conflict.

Following Olmert’s announcement, Hamas said it won’t respect the ceasefire as long as Israel remains inside Gaza.

“A unilateral ceasefire does not mean ending the (Israeli) aggression and ending the siege. These constitute acts of war and so this will not mean an end to resistance,” Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum told Reuters.

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I have my sincere doubts that this ceasefire will last very long, but I also understand completely why Israel agreed to it. The pressure of international disapproval was weighing down hard on Israel. It is obvious that the job has not been accomplished yet. What I would suggest to Israel is that they need to send in a Canadian to assassinate Hamas and eliminate the charismatic leader that is driving this whole thing. There are times when cutting the head of the snake can have the desired effect. Israel cannot allow a continuation of rocket attacks from Hamas. The ridiculous thing about all of this is that Hamas is saying he won’t stop his attacks unless Israel leaves, but Israel cannot leave until Hamas stops his attacks, especially since we all know that there’s no way that Hamas will discontinue his attacks even if Israel did completely withdraw from their hold in Gaza. The End? I think not.

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