Posted by: Nathan M. | January 17, 2009

Vladimir Putin-What Is Coming?

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Putin painting fetches $1.37M

Natalia Kurnikova, owner of a Moscow art gallery, looks at an oil painting by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. She paid $1.37 million Cdn for the painting at a charity auction in St. Petersburg.
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has become his country’s latest art star, with one of his paintings fetching the equivalent of $1.37 million Cdn.

“The painting shows another aspect of a great personality,” Kurnikova told Bloomberg News. She plans to display it at her gallery.

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Putin is a leader whom we all need to be watching with a great amount of interest. He has been steadily creating a personality-cult around himself, and has gained a great amount of support from his people, while creating a near-dictatorship rule for himself in Russia. Political culture is not something that is simply thrown away and gotten rid of. Great lengths must be crossed in order for political culture to be changed in a country, and these lengths have not been crossed in Russia. The scene is still set for a dictator to create a great amount of hardship in this world. Russia has already made moves in the last year to gain the attention of the world. Putin cut off gas supply to the rest of Europe, and made war. Both of these things threw Europe into chaos. Putin has the ability to create a lot of ill-situations in Europe and the rest of the world, and it is hard to believe that Putin will be content to simply allow Russia to live out it’s years as it is-I’m anticipating a move by Putin in the not-so-distant future.

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