Posted by: Nathan M. | January 18, 2009

A Hamas Ceasefire

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Hamas announces ceasefire in Gaza

A statement read by a Hamas spokesman said the group would hold fire for a week to give Israel time to withdraw its forces from the Gaza Strip.

The move came hours after a unilateral Israeli ceasefire came into effect.

“We… announce a ceasefire of our factions in the Gaza Strip and we stress that our demand is the withdrawal of the enemy forces from the Gaza Strip within a week, along with the opening of all the crossings for the entry of humanitarian aid, food and other necessities for our people in the Gaza Strip.”

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This move might have given Israel a way out….whether Israel will take it or not is another story. Apparently Hamas has been hit more than they would like us to believe, else they would not give Israel this opportunity to get out from the spotlight of the world. The longer Israel stays in the Gaza strip, the more the international world will look upon Israel with condescension. However, Hamas may simply feel that Israel has lost enough of the world’s sympathies already. That is Hamas’ bargaining chip, and he can now use it fairly effectively. This may spell peace for a time, however.

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