Posted by: Nathan M. | January 18, 2009

International Eyes are Everything

This is another example of how vital the world’s sympathies are in waging a war such as this one. Israel has been forced to refrain from continuing their pursuit of justice for fear of increasing disapproval from the international community, and Hamas has continually been gaining strength in the eyes of the Arabian world, and the international world. Hamas has garnered support from various groups and people in every country. The media is absolutely choking any type of support of Israel’s offensive, casting Israel in a cruel light. The Palestinians have done an excellent job of chalking up the death-tole of civilians. I have said this before and I will say it again; there are only two possible explanations for such high civilian casualties; one, the possibility that the Palestinians are lying directly about the numbers, and two; that Hamas has thrown civilians right into the fray on purpose, sacrificing the people of Gaza in order to cast Israel into a more negative light.
The real problem with this situation is; what does Israel do now? Israel must wait until Hamas does something that makes the world understand Israel’s offensive. The problem is, it is obvious that the world is very hesitant to except any type of excuse for an Israeli offensive. Apparently, Israel does not have the right to protect it’s citizens, even though every western nation has that absolute right and responsibility. Israel is in a very difficult situation. It is getting to the point that the only thing that will be able to pull Israel out of the muck is God himself-a possibility that I do not rule out in any way.
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Israel Calls a Cease-Fire in Gaza. Will It Last?

The Gaza conflict has raised Hamas’ stature in the Arab world and, more importantly, among Palestinians. In Arab eyes, Hamas are plucky champions — David fighting the Israeli Goliath with homemade rockets instead of a slingshot — while Israel sees them as killers who hide behind their civilians and who are willing to sacrifice them for propaganda triumphs. But if Israel insists on imposing the same punitive sanctions it kept on Gaza’s 1.5 million people before this war, it will only strengthen Hamas and fan the Palestinians’ hatred towards Israel.
Israel was facing rising international outrage over its Gaza offensive, in which nearly one-third of those killed were women and children, according to Palestinian health workers.
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