Posted by: Nathan M. | January 20, 2009

There is something great about watching a man like Barack Obama speak. I am a Canadian citizen, and I am proud of that fact, but I cannot help but be lifted by the new President’s words. President Obama is, I have no doubts, going to stir up the political world in the United States. He no doubt brings something new to the table, and the world will be watching his moves very closely.

I remain concerned over the difficulty that President Obama will have in establishing himself as President, however. My political science teacher, Doctor David T. Koyzis, refers to the dilema as the difficulty in taking up both the role of King and Prime Minister. President Obama has become King very easily; his words and bearing have created a aura of honour and respect around his person. But the question remains; will he be able to switch into the role of political leader. Prime Minister Diefenbaker was one of the best speakers Canada has seen, and yet he was largely faulted as being a weak leader. President Obama has made a lot of promises, and has set up a very high expectation for himself-it will be extremely difficult for him to live up to these expectations. If he is successful, he will create a new era for America. If he fails, he will fail misserably, and will likely turn back the clock on many of the advances of tolerance and good will in the political realm.

One last thing that I would like to mention is the issue of race. Many people are trying to push this entire issue under the rug and essentially ignore it’s existence. However, I would contest that this issue is still extremely volatile. There are a lot of angry people in America, and these people are often the type that would be willing to go to extreme measures. The media is enjoying the hype about race, as evidenced by the frequency of the camera’s focus on the black people in the audience in the CNN broadcast. I believe that this is giving an incorrect view of President Obama’s support, since his support has not simply come from the black population of America. However, if the idea that his support is largely black is propogated, it may serve as an instigator in allowing white supremacists to rationalize major action and protest. This is something to be watched out for. But, after all this, I say God bless President Obama-I wish him the best and pray that he is successful in his aspirations.


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