Posted by: Nathan M. | January 27, 2009

The Grand Turnaround

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The Conservative government is presenting a six-point economic stimulus plan in this week’s budget and “will spend what is necessary” to rescue Canada’s sagging economy during the global financial crisis, according to the throne speech delivered Monday.
The plan includes stimulating the economy through public and private investment, with immediate cash for infrastructure, as well as offering help for the poor, the unemployed, aboriginals and struggling industries such as the auto sector and forestry, according to the speech, read by Gov. Gen. Michaëlle Jean on Parliament Hill.
Senior officials from the Prime Minister’s Office have already said the stimulus package would plunge the country into a $64-billion deficit over the next two years.

‘Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.’— Michael Ignatieff, Liberal leader

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Wow, this is definitely something to see. Literally a complete turnaround in the stand of the Conservative government. I don’t think it becomes much more prominent than this. But then, what can be more admirable in a leader than the ability to learn? If Harper is able to learn from his mistake and actually make some good decisions, he has the ability to regain my respect, but it will not be easy for him to do so. However, the more I see of Ignatief, the more I am impressed at his ability to lead. He has done an amazing job at separating himself from the headlong run that Dion had put the liberals into. The Liberals will not vote this budget down, and we will see a continuation of the Conservative term. However, the next election is going to be a very dramatic one.
In regards to the budget itself, it has yet to be seen how efficient it will be. However, I must critique Harper in his methods; this is one of the drawbacks of a Conservative government that is willing to have a stimulus budget-Conservatives refuse to recognize the merits of a socialist system. Tommy Douglas, through government-owned business, was able to eliminate the debt of Saskatchewan, while bringing in health care, welfare, and job security. I see nothing wrong, and many things right, with government-owned industries that are directly impacting to the people. Things such as car insurance and house insurance, as well as transportation and aspects of medicine can be owned by the government and still run well. This will ensure two things; first of all, there will not be exorbitant abuse of prices; and secondly, the government will be able to make profits from the government-owned industries, thus lessening the debt-load. Yes, I’ll admit it, I am a socialist, but only as far as it is economically feasible and useful. This is where the NDP fails; it attempts to take socialism to a point that would drive down our economy instead of picking it up, and the NDP also takes socialism into the world of morals, without realizing that the less morals a society has, the less structured and stable that society will be.

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