Posted by: Nathan M. | January 29, 2009

It’s all the snow’s fault: we’re screwed.

I know, it seems somewhat pessimistic of me, I apologize. But in the end, it cannot be denied. Everybody is screaming about the economy, and how much we all hate the banks and the governments and the Islamic fanatics. The French are striking en masse, supposedly to get the economy going (not sure how that one’s gonna work). Apparently, the banks and the governments are all to blame in this big mess we’re in, and we innocent proletariats are only trying to survive with the big bullies in the sandbox. Of course, then there’s those crazy foreigners that keep trying to blow us up, all because we’re trying to help them…right?

Here’s the big shocker: the blame game can only be taken so far, but in the end, it’s all our fault. There is one thing that has brought the economy into the position that it’s in today: greed and selfishness. A long time ago, in a land that wasn’t very far away, there was something called company loyalty. This strange concept basically meant that workers actually cared about the company that they were working for, rather than themselves. Some 50,000 students saw classes cancelled after 3,400 teaching assistants, contract faculty and graduate assistants walked off the job at York University, all because they weren’t getting paid enough. Then we have the Ottawa’s transit union that is asking for double what the transit company is willing…and in all likelihood able…to give them. What is the purpose of demanding higher wages when the company you work for will be going belly-up in a year? The government of Canada is now taking steps to legislate a forced end to both of these strikes, all because the greed of the unions could not be satisfied. All this occurs while we watch the economy go into an almost uncontrollable spiral, and we all wonder, “what went wrong?”

The Canadian Budget has now been released and Ignatieff, as everybody expected, is allowing the Conservatives to hold their seat in government. Flaherty’s budget promises billions of dollars in new spending — ranging from money for infrastructure projects to aid for worker training and cash for more EI benefits — to help the country ride out the economic downturn (CBC). The idea of this budget is to create jobs, in order to keep the economy moving and keep people in employment. I, personally, have my doubts that this method will be successful. Don’t get me wrong, I am a believer in Keynesian economics. However, an increase in jobs won’t help if workers refuse to work unless they are paid an obscene amount of money that will put the company they work for into the grave. Besides, the budget projects an $85 billion deficit by the spring of 2013; what will we do in 2013? Now, usually the answer to this question is simple; by that time the economy should have turned around and the government can remake the money. The problem is, there’s no way that the government will be able to make that money back because even if the economy does turn around, people won’t accept higher taxes. We’ll spend our money on all of the ridiculous useless junk that consumerism creates, but we will not accept supporting the government that spends money to help us in economic downtimes.

Of course, it doesn’t help when you have a government that doesn’t really care about the country anyways-Harper is now completely in the European handbag of Ignatieff, and Ignatieff is doing what he can do build political repertoire drawing towards the upcoming election. The idea is to force the government into creating a deficit, and then bashing the government for the deficit…whatever happened to working together for the good of all?

Why is it the snow’s fault? Well, we have to blame it on something right? We Canadians have snow-because it makes us cold and grumpy. It’s not our fault…right?


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