Posted by: Nathan M. | February 13, 2009

Wrenches and Cogs

One of the fine posters produced to encourage the success of the Marshall Plan (European Reconstruction Plan)

One of the fine posters produced to encourage the success of the Marshall Plan (European Reconstruction Plan)

I find it very disappointing that while the rest of the world is getting together and finding ways to deal with the economic downturn, America is looking for ways to help itself, even if it screws it’s neighbours. The Stimulus Bill has been passed in the House of Representatives and, although Congress has stated that the bill would not extend to deteriorate international trade laws, the “buy-American” clause still holds its place. Meanwhile, the G7 has gotten together to discuss the issue of protectionism, and to agree that protectionism is definitely not what we need or want right now in the world. Harper has said that he’s still very concerned about the clause, despite the reassurances of American Congress. Obama…what are you doing here! Of course, the Bill can’t really be considered Obama’s bill anymore anyways, since the House has rewritten it beyond recognition, but the one clause that should have been removed in a heartbeat still stains the page. It is difficult to blame America, however. This is yet another tradition that America has maintained for quite some time, and it is one which will fight against change. American culture has always traditionally held the view that if America is in trouble, their first job is to protect themselves, and ignore all others. I cannot fault America for that, but I can fault America for ignoring the fact that the way to look after America right now is to work with other nations.

One very viable result of all of these things is that the world will see a gathering together of nations. World War I created the League of Nations, and World War II created the United Nations, a much stronger institution for world affairs. Out of this also came NATO, the Security Council, a strengthened and adapted Commonwealth, the Arabian League of Nations, and many other strong International bodies. This economic crisis may have the result of pulling more nations together in a cooperation towards a common goal. The frightening thing about this, of course, is that this is exactly what was predicted in Scriptures as a sign of the end of times. The large powers of the world are much more apt towards lending an ear to the middle and small powers of the world, and those small and middle powers are finding their voices. Sri Lanka, as a result of British so-called interference in their affairs, are now in the process of entering negotiations and criticisms of the UK. The UK, strangely enough, is not ignoring Sri Lanka, but is listening and adapting. There has been, and continues to be a strong movement towards the coming together of nations. This economic crisis, as well as the many different battles and wars that are occurring throughout the world, may very-well have this result.


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