Posted by: Nathan M. | February 18, 2009


Well, the economy all over theFalling American Dollar world is officially going downhill. President Obama is throwing money at the economy as fast as he can, and so is Canada for the most part. British Columbia has proudly declared that they are going to enter a large deficit in order to save the economy. Unfortunately, they’re forgetting something-throwing money at a problem doesn’t always fix it, there’s more to it than that! The problem is, many politicians are disappointing the world in their lack of intelligent deliberation. People like it when a government spends money and doesn’t take money, but that doesn’t mean that it does any good. Spending money without a plan is simply delaying an economic collapse, and making the collapse worse when it comes. What is needed is intelligent and thought-out plans, not simply money throwing. This, crazily enough, is something that Canada has and is actually very good at. We are generally fairly able to come up with good solutions to our problems, without simply throwing money and taking part in useless attempts at fixing the economy. What Canada has is a history of socialism; we have a country that is open to government-owned industries, and this political culture is exactly what can rescue this country from our economic woes. Now is the time for our government to begin a process of social economics. I am not suggesting by any length that the government should take control of all of our industries here in Canada. However, there are many different areas where the government could create a new Crown Corporation that would not only provide competition for many of the other companies that are not working to stimulate the economy, but they would also create jobs for people, provide an increased income to the government which could be used for investment back into the economy, and it would establish lower prices in the chosen industries. These industries include insurance, banking, gas, and many others. This is something that I have given a great deal of thought, and I believe that there is something very crucially important about the idea. Challenge me on this!


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