Posted by: Nathan M. | February 21, 2009

The Tamil Tigers

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The Tigers’ Last Days
Sri Lanka’s civil war began in July 1983, when more than 1,000 Tamils were killed in Colombo after a Tiger ambush of 13 army soldiers–though the LTTE’s grievances go back much further, to what it says were decades of discrimination against ethnic Tamils, who are mainly Hindu or Christian, by the Sinhalese Buddhist majority. Few families in the island nation have been untouched by the violence–more than 70,000 people have died since the war began–yet Sri Lanka has managed to preserve its stunning beaches and lush hills, as well as a cosmopolitan outlook dating back to its history as a stop along the Spice Route.
In the past few weeks, hundreds of civilians have been killed in the fighting, according to the Red Cross, during an assault by the army, which is determined to finish off the Tigers once and for all.
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To all my readers out there, this is a shout-out that we need to be a little more concerned about what is going on in Sri Lanka right now. Most people these days know more about what President Obama ate when he was in Ottawa (CBC published his Menu, and expressed his choice of beaver tail), then the fact that there is a massive war going on in Sri Lanka, with a lot of civilian deaths and a great deal of social turmoil. This is an example of a real struggle in cultural and racial gaps, which has caused a great deal of strike within the Sri Lanka culture. Keep an eye on this!

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