Posted by: Nathan M. | February 25, 2009

Sags in the Tightrope

Iran is steadily moving towards full Nuclear power abilities…and what else? Iran is, in almost every way, the most difficult item in Western thought right now. It is a nation that openly hates the West, and even more openly hates Israel. It is a nation that has a history of conflict and war-with a strong emphasis on a desire for power and influence in the world. The political culture allows for dictators and tyrannical war-leaders. It is this country that is steadily moving towards a firm understanding of nuclear power and nuclear abilities. At the same time, the second-most difficult item in Western eyes is Russia, the country that has been actively involved in assisting Iran in its pursuit of nuclear abilities. Vladimir Putin is very near to establishing a full dictatorship, and he has already demonstrated that he is not abashed about taking military action against his enemies. In other words, two of the most volatile nations in the world have decided to work together, and, for the most part, the entirety of the west is stuck with its hands tied.

Nuclear Missile

World Organizations such as the UN, NATO, G20, and the ALN ensure that a great deal of negotiation is necessary before any real action is taken. The rise of middlepowermanship has caused a decrease in the abilities for the superpowers to enforce. America may be a bully at times, but rather one bully that keeps everybody quiet and peaceful then no bully and anarchy in the international world. The problem is, unless international organizations have a set of teeth, and are willing to use them when need be, they really only serve to diminish the power of the "safe" nations, and enhance the power of the volatile nations. I must admit, I am a westerner, and I would be extremely worried if there was a significant power-shift away from America and towards Iran and Russia, or really any other nation.

What will likely enflame the situation is the fact that economic turmoil often has the result of pushing people into unordinary action. People who are scared are much more apt to take action that may be violent or revolutionary. People who are feeling happy and secure are much less apt to revolt against the current regime. Of course, Iran has not had a flourishing economy prior to the recession, at least in regards to equal distribution. However, during this economic turmoil, it is not simply the poor that hurt, but also the rich that lose money; something that hasn’t happened for a while.

All of these factors lead to one, blatantly obvious conclusion: we need to watch Iran very closely and carefully…



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