Posted by: Nathan M. | March 2, 2009

Arctic Sovereignty-Do We Care?

Arctic sovereignty is one of the most confusing issues that Canada has had to confront in a long time, because it has turned into an attack on Canadian pride in the minds of many Canadians. We perceive the breach of our Arctic sovereignty as a lack of respect from other nations-they are not respecting our right to rule our own lands.

Arctic SovereigntyThe CBC article, "Battle for the Arctic Heats Up", explains how there has been a new attack on our sovereignty coming from the Russians. This makes the situation even more volatile, because America would be extremely unhappy to see Russia gain too much power in the Arctic. In fact, I would guess that America would go so far as to ensure that Russia does not gain to much power in the Arctic, even if that means that they take power themselves. The problem is, all of this is occurring almost completely over Canada’s head. We have no significant military to speak of, and we do not have the capabilities to monitor the Arctic. Of course, even if we did it would not necessarily have a significant impact on our ability to prevent breaches on our sovereignty-we cannot get in a fight with Russia or the United States.

The final question then is; do we care about Arctic sovereignty? I mean, really when it all boils down, the Arctic has very little use to Canada at this time, and if it ever has any kind of use to us, we would still be able to exploit it as an international zone. The big problem however, again comes back to the attack on Canadian pride. Canada has been losing respect in the international world for some time now, and it is entirely our fault. We have not been pulling our weight, and we have not been taking any kind of significant stance on anything. We are now simply a gnat that is an annoyance to America and Russia in their fight for Arctic sovereignty, and their fight for continual growth. The sovereignty issue in the Arctic is a half-hearted effort at taking a stand for Canadian national pride. And perhaps if we won this battle, it might push Canadian citizens to look for a little more from their government’s international policies.



  1. I think the idea of the arctic being of no use to Canada is absurd. Is the arctic useless? Absolutly not! The arctic is full of minerals (have you seen those diamond mines?) but most importantly oil and natural gas. Is the arctic special in some way? No, but it has remained nearly untapped. We have only done peliminary studies on the arctic’s potential and already they’re stunning! Why is Russia so interested? With Saudi oil depleting rapidly and Siberia’s limitless oil supplies a thing of the past the arctic becomes the final frontier of oil (aside from relitively small producers in South America and the barely cost-effective Alberta oil sands). The chance for a near monopoly of oil is too much for Russia to pass up. The real question is Canada does Canada have the guts to take it from under their nose?

  2. So basically hum “The Apprentice” theme in your head and you get the idea

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