Posted by: Nathan M. | March 2, 2009

The Attack on Israel

What happened? Israel has been the country that was looked after by all the Western Powers for decades. Now suddenly the media and teh entire west can’t seem to get enough of Israel-bashing. This article, to put it bluntly, is a bunch of bullcrap. Israel is being attacked for war crimes?! Apparently it’s ok to torment your own people and use them as shields for your own tyranny as you obsessively try to oblitarate another nation, but when that other nation fights back, that nation is in the wrong. What is wrong with this world? There is a complete lack of repsect for hard power, and people don’t really have the stomache for it anymore. We in the west sit back and criticize what Israel is doing to protect itself-but we honestly have no idea. There are some people that have experienced battle, and can understand that people do strange things in war, but there is not anybody in the West that really knows what it is like to live in perpetual fear. Israel responded, and now because we all want war to be “nice” we get angry when Israel reveals to us that it is not always nice. Just because Israel isn’t as adept at hiding what happens as America is in all of their wars, Israel receives an overwhelming attack. Now their is an attack on how far they should be allowed to go-what is neccessary force and what is not. Get a grip people! We cannot understand this, we live in a safe place, and a secure place. God bless Israel!


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