Posted by: Nathan M. | March 6, 2009


The problem with throwing mud is that you have to be sitting in the mudpile in order to access the mud that you’re throwing. Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are demonstrating the fact that they have no problem with sitting in the mud and throwing it around. Information has been released on  a new advertising capaign that the Conservatives have decided to air, basically for the purpose of injuring Ignatieff’s character. The Canadian Press describes one of the methods that the Conservatives are planning on now using in the house as  “a throwback to a tactic the Tories employed throughout the Dion era: just as the Liberal leader prepares to stand up for question period, deliver a diatribe in the hope of unnerving him.” (Tories drop the gloves on Ignatieff). The ridiculous thing about this is that it is an obvious attack on teamwork in the house. Stop and think about this a little-this is the party that Canada proportedly voted into office to run our country, and they’re trying to “unnerve” the Liberal leader so that they don’t receive critisism. Is critisism not for the purpose of getting better, and presenting different viewpoints? Is that not one of the largest things that this country is built on-diversity of opinion?

In regards to the mudslinging itself, trying to defaminate the character of the Liberal leader simply for the purpose of winning an election is simply wrong. If there was something about Ignatieff that the public really needed to know, I have no doubts that we would find out. The Conservatives are not trying to protect us, they are trying to find something about Ignatieff that they can twist into something negative. The Conservatives are not taking efforts to build a better nation, they are doing whatever it takes to stay in power.



  1. Always the idealist eh? politics is not politics without mudslinging. Every politicion enters with ideals and wants to work towards good. Slowly power or want of power corrupts the most moral politicion. The result is mortgaging canada’s future for perosnal gain. It’s not their fualt, democracy is structured that makes this inevitable. People don’t care about the issues anymore, it’s a. Glorified popularity contest. Whichever bully is most experianced wins. But don’t think for a second that ignatieff wouldn’t do the same thing if positions were reversed. Let’s face it, Harper is just the most experienced Bully.

    Democracy is sadly doomed to collapse. What we must fear is what it’s successor will be.

  2. As a side note great job on the blog. Proffessional looking and with the same liberal biase as most mainstream media outlets! (kidding!!!) Its well done!

  3. A rather bleak outlook on the political system don’t you think? To be honest, I find it highly unlikely that the democratic system will collapse because it has become so embedded within our mainstream political culture, despite a series of self-interested Prime Ministers.
    I am refusing to lay down my idealism in that I do believe it is possible to have a leader with morals and scruples that can be held onto. The problem is that in may ways the way that politics works streams people into the front lines who are not passionate.

  4. PS. Thanks for the props!

  5. Ok, the comment that democracy is going to collapse was a joke (sarcasm difficult to convey in text)

    And yes it is possible to have a selfless leader, but cases are so few and far between that they aren’t worth counting.

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