Posted by: Nathan M. | March 18, 2009

The Ticking Time-Bomb of the World

First of all, let me apologize for the lack of posts for the last while, I have had some busy days. Now, enough of that-straight into it. Most of you can probably guess what the issue is that I’m dealing with-Russian rearmament. For my regular readers, you know that I have been watching Russia with a fairly close eye. Good ole’ Vlad has not come near to gaining my trust as a reputable and moral leader. As such, to be quite blunt-this rearmament terrifies me. The political culture of Russia allows for extreme political action, and Vladimir has already revealed the fact that he is perfectly willing to take action in the world through use of his military. The last thing possible that this world needs is Vladimir with a larger military, especially since Medvedev has said that he is planning on focusing on "first of all, [their] strategic nuclear forces"(Rueters). So essentially, we have one of the most volatile leaders in the world gaining more hard power to play around with in the world. The really crazy part about it all is that Medvedev has been completely open about why he wants to expand the military-Russia doesn’t like a US led NATO close to its borders. Cold War anyone? Lets build weapons and growl at each-other for a while, except this time its NATO versus Russia, and why not pull China into it as well. Call me crazy, but watch Russia. There has been a lot happening of late, and most of it is focused on Russia.img



  1. While I totally agree that Russia (and specifically Putin) is volatile, I believe this is a response to the US’s building of anti-nuclear defenses in Europe (basically a bad relations move with Russia). The distrust if Russia may be well founded but it is the last thing world leaders should be thinking about. Distrust means building up of arms. Russia will respnd in kind. Small offences can quickly escelate into an arms race. When will we learn our lessons from the Cold War, WWI and others? This is an example of when no action is good action. Otherwise start building that bomb shelter in the basement.

  2. Btw apparently the USSR is alive and well after a short vacation

  3. I see your point about the issue of distrust. It is true that the Cold War was largely driven by fear and distrust-a lack of cooperation. However, the problem with this situation is that Russia has started to rearm first, which makes American inaction fairly dangerous.

  4. Come on, Putin is a petty man who demands to be reckognized, is he crazy enough to actually restart the Cold War? We all know how that ended last time…

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