Posted by: Nathan M. | April 1, 2009

France, Shush!

It makes it extremely hard to not stereotype france as whiny and without backbone when the French President continues to whine without any kind of let-up. His newest step is to threaten to walk out of the G20 summit meating if the G20 didn’t agree in specific strong action. Now, it would be great to see strong action occur as a result of the Summit, but the fact remains that there are 20 nations getting together, all of whom are very protective of their own sovereignty and well-being. The way to get cooperation is not to throw a hissy-fit. With an organization like the G20, things must be done step-by-step. This is unfortunate, and tediously slow at times when we need speed, but there is nothing that we can do about it. The solution is definitely NOT to refuse to cooperate at all-in expectation that the other nations will say sorry and cooperate perfectly as a result. Mr.Sarkozy has threatened that he “would not sign the G20 communique if the summit failed to satisfy his objectives”(National Post). Yes, this is exactly what will get the countries moving-absolute insistance on your OWN priorities and what you feel must occur. Mr. Sarkozy…kindly sit down and SHUT UP!



  1. While he could have been more tactful, I applaud the message sent. Too long has g8 and g20 summits been nohlthing morenthan a forum for empty promises and cheap photoshoots. The time for action is near, and if more commit to radical action it could be the kick in the pants that the summit needs.

    That being said, he’s obviously bluffing

  2. Well said Trit. France can act like a child sometimes when it comes to foreign politics. But “You can guess…” has a point, Sarkozy may just be trying to get the ball rolling. I don’t think that refusing to cooperate if he doesn’t get what he wants is the best approach however.

  3. way to be diplomatic katie. Maybe you should be their, not Harper

  4. But in resonse to the “refusing to cooperate as being a poor approach” is a little naive. Every project needs a selfish egotistical uncooperative person (insert “leader”). When eveyone is “equal” nothing gets done. Yes he’s being a donkey, but a donkey with a purpose

  5. In my experience, the best leaders are those that have gained the respect of their peers, and have an actual legitimate right to lead. The best leader, as scriptures tell us, is a servant. This is the reason why Canada, in the past, has made an excellent leader because we have been willing to help and assist and promote forward movement, not dig our heels in and act the “donkey”. A selfish egotistical uncooperative person is NOT a leader, he is a selfish, egotistical and uncooperative person, especially in an environment where the people that are working with each-other are all leaders. Cooperation with a group of leaders is a very delicate thing, and headstrong bull-headedness will not get such a group anywhere.

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