Posted by: Nathan M. | April 6, 2009

Obama vs. Harper

Barack Obama is creating a dilema for many Christians in Canada and the United States. The question is: do we like him or not? Obama is likely the most passionate Obama__Barack_and_Harper_walkingPresident that has entered the Oval Office for a very long time, and he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. Obama has confronted and gotten involved in many issues that have been needing attention for a long time now. The problem is, he is not following the Christian beliefs in his ways of doing things. His ideological stands are very much not orientated towards the Christian right, and he has become more and more volatile in his decision-making. The most recent example is his work in the medical realm. Obama has rolled back many restrictions on stem-cell research, and has opened up an avenue that leads to the abolition of “conscience protection” for doctors. Abortions are becoming considered a human right, rather than a simple desire. This means that Obama has gone in a direction that is almost completely contrary to what most Christians desire morally.

At the same time that Obama is making morality choices that are upsetting many Christians, he is also making economic decisions that many Christians in America regard as unpatriotic. This is largely because Christianity has become so linked in America with Conservative, Liberal economics. Keep in mind, that when I say liberal, I mean in the traditional sense, not the modern interpretation. Because of this link, many Christians in America view Obama’s move towards national health-care as dangerous and unethical. Canadian Christians also have a real conflict, because while Christians in Canada are blindly supporting Harper because they believe that he is the “ethical” leader, Christians are also desiring to support Obama, since he is trying to implement many of the policies that we already have in Canada that are very good things. And yet, as Christians support both of these leaders for two different reasons, the real conflict arises. Harper, while in the Christian mind being ethical, is stripping and tearing away many of our great social instittutions. At the same time Obama, while attacking morality and freedom of conscience, is building social institutions.

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