Posted by: Nathan M. | April 27, 2009

Who Is Right?

What is happening in Sri Lanka right now is an absolute tragedy, but it is also one of the most complicated situations that has arisen for a long time in World Politics. This Tamil Tigerscomplication is almost entirely due to the rampant racism that is ongoing in the world. The Tamil Tigers are, in many ways, a racist group that believes in the supremacy of their own cultural and ethnic way. This means that what they are doing, and their fight for power is wrong-simply wrong. However, at the same time-the government of Sri Lanka has labeled the Tamil Tigers as evil, and thus the entire Tamil cultural group has been labeled as evil. This is the reason why the Sri Lanka government is not taking the suggested cease-fire by the Tigers seriously in any way. Even if the cease-fire is an opportunity for the Tigers to regroup, it is also an opportunity for the government to remove the estimated 50, 000 ethnic Tamil civilians that are caught in the crossfire out of the area. The problem is, the government isn’t particularly concerned about these people because they are Tamil, and that is all there is too it. But then the question arises-which side has more credibility? The government is trying to root out a serious problem within their borders, but can we condemn the Tamil Tigers for wanting to fight for independence based on their culture when this is exactly what we helped Israel do?


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