Posted by: Nathan M. | April 30, 2009

The Liberals

Well, it looks like Ignatieff is exactly what many liberals wanted him to be-a renewing of the liberal party. Support has been increasing rapidly for the liberal partly, and theyharper_stephen Michael Ignatieff 45623are now not only ahead in the Polls nationally, but are actually ahead in Quebec of all places. The Conservative ship seems to be crashing which, to be honest, is not a big surprise. The tories have literally changed the entire ideology that they are supposed to be built on, so not even they know what they are anymore. And, lets be honest here-Ignatieff has style and spunk. Harper has…well, he’s Harper. I’m seeing an election coming along, but not too soon-the Liberals are enjoying their steady increase in approval. They might as well wait a while longer, because they’re in better shape for the waiting game than the Tories are. The longer this economic crisis goes on, the further down Conservative support will fall. The grits have done a great job of painting the tories as the bad guys. This castle made of clay is about to crumble. I don’t welcome back the liberal party, but I’m sure not crying either. The problem is…what party is worth it? What do we have to choose from?

Further Readings

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