Posted by: Nathan M. | May 2, 2009

64 Dead

What a situation this is. 64 innocent civilians have been killed in a make-shift hospital, all culturally falling into the Tamil category. The Tigers have accused the government article-1069754-02EA64A500000578-424_468x328_popupfor being responsible for the deaths, and the government claims that they have nothing to do with it. The evidence, in many ways, points to the fact that the government is, in all-likelihood responsible for what happened. But there is no definite proof of anything. How do we respond to this? There has been an increasingly focused awareness of what is going on in Sri Lanka throughout the world, particularly in the Western World, but nobody really knows what is going on since the media is no-longer allowed access to the area. And so, I ask again-how do we respond to what is going on? We really don’t know who is responsible, and the war against the Tamil Tigers can be justified as a protection of Sri Lanka’s safety. But then, the war that the Tamil Tigers are fighting can also be justified, since, according to modern political and democratic theory, a group of people that view themselves as a nation do have the right to have their own ruling system and political borders. This is the reason why Quebec is still a great issue, because if Quebec did appear unified in their decision to create a seperate nation from Canada, political theory would state that they do have the right to do so. Sri Lanka is much more complicated, since there is a great deal of deaths, and, to be quite honest, there is the very distinct danger that a cultural purging is at the base of what is going on. How do we react? I have no idea.

Further Readings

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