Posted by: Nathan M. | May 2, 2009

Liberal Convention

"There is a trend that shows Canadians are open once again to the Liberal party. I think it’s more a question of a hunger to have the country mean something again, to have Canadians feel like they’re involved in dreaming something big for this country," said Liberal MP Justin Trudeau, co-chair of the convention.

The Liberal convention and the excitement that has arisen from it is, in many ways, a demonstration of the desire that many Canadians have for a Canada that actually means something. There has been a lack of real meaning in any of Canada’s actions for a great amount of time, and there has been consistent cuts in all of Canada’s foreign liberal-convention-2009-imageaffairs initiatives. This means that what Canadians used to believe of Canada is no-longer true. Harper represents the business mentality of the Canadian government, and the inward focus of Canada. We are no-longer a significant player in world politics, and as a result, Canadians do not feel Canadian. As a result of this, the liberal convention has gained a great deal of hype, simply because it could possibly translate into an actual change in Canadian operations. Canada could become significant again. The sad thing about this is…there’s no way that it will happen under the liberal party with Ignatieff at the helm. Do not mistake me-I do not believe that Ignatieff will make a terrible leader, quite to the contrary in fact. However, he is not the dynamic leader that Canadians want and need-he is a businessman as well, and he knows how to win elections. This is what he is good at.

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