Posted by: Nathan M. | May 2, 2009

Well Done Canada

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Canada is set to open its doors to hundreds of Afghans who face life-threatening risks after having worked with our military and diplomats, The Canadian Press has learned.

Afghans who have been severely injured working with the Canadian military or who can prove they face threats will be eligible for fast-track entry.

The first of those ex-employees and their immediate relatives could arrive within months.

Insurgents have gone to gruesome lengths to make an example of locals who work with NATO. In one case, several interpreters’ bodies were strung up in a public square and left to rot there for weeks as a lesson to anyone else thinking of helping the foreigners.

They denied the Afghans would strain federal resources, saying they represent a tiny fraction of the tens of thousands of refugee claimants Canada receives annually.

“There are many different jobs that we could do because we are very educated people,” said Junior, who learned English as a teenager at a private school.

This article gave me a sense of pride for this nation. The fact that we do look after those people that help us in the work we do, and don’t just leave them hung-out to dry. These people are heroes, they are the ones who risked their own lives and their family’s lives in order to work towards a better world. Beyond this, they placed their faith and trust in Canada-believing that Canada represented something better. If Canada did not take the effort to help these men and women, than these heroes’ trust would have been misplaced. Well done Canada!

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