Posted by: Nathan M. | May 12, 2009

Canada Gets Noticed…hyuk

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“We are delighted that President Obama consulted with us in the development of his new approach and priorities for this mission,” added the Prime Minister.  “We are pleased that this new strategy pursues objectives that are consistent with our own efforts to have the Afghan people assume responsibility for their own security as soon as possible.”

I’m sure we are delighted that Obama “consulted” with us. Thanks for the tip of the hat Obama, way to toss Canada a candy. Seriously…Canada…stop drooling.


  1. Well put. I agree with you. Like the rest of the world, Canada has fallen hard for Obamamania. He’s a great leader, but the world has granted him this ‘god-like’ status that bothers me. Canada-US relations are important however, so co-operation should be noted. Although Harper’s approach to this particular event and other Canada-US partnership has made it seem as though Canada is a mere sidekick to the superhero known as America.

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