Posted by: Nathan M. | May 22, 2009


Ignorance. It has got to be the most dangerous thing that exists in the world right now. I have come to realize more and more how ignorance, willful and unwillful has oil spillbecome one of the largest killers of human beings on this planet. People simply don’t know, and they don’t really care. Most people in the west have a vague idea of how many of the products that they buy are being produced by companies that are exploiting labour in other nations-most people in the west have a vague idea of how the west has caused more wars and more deaths through covert and open military operations than any other political body in the world, and most people are vaguely aware of the fact that if the West stopped being so gluttonous and greedy, the amount of people in this world that die every day from starvation would drop by unfathomable amounts, but it is only a vague awareness. The unfortunate, or fortunate thing about vague awareness, depending on where you stand, is that you can ignore it. There is a slight tickle in the back of your head that suggests that maybe, just maybe you should do something about the world, but it is only a slight tickle, and you can very easily learn to ignore it. Eventually, you cannot even feel it anymore, as you become completely lost in the world of the west.

The most powerful industry in the world right now is the oil industry, that is absolutely certain. This industry has become more significant than anything else in determining how the economy is fairing. If the Oil industry is booming, then so is the west. But, is this true everywhere? Apparently not. The Oil Company that we all recognize, Shell, is currently facing a trial on rights abuses because of their involvement with a murder committed in Nigeria. As if Nigeria didn’t have enough problems already. This is only one example of the many travesties that are committed by the Oil companies in their drive for more wealth, and their drive to fulfill the unsedatable greed. I’m sorry, I’m sounding really hippy-like right now, which kinda makes me sick. I don’t believe that we need to all start protesting and quitting our jobs and all of that, but I do believe that we need to all be aware of the fact that the west is NOT the utopia of the world, the part of the world that is going to bring light to everyone else. That is pure…bullcrap.

It has occurred to me that in some ways you could consider the west an entire nation of terrorists-we will fight and kill and do whatever is necessary to preserve our way of life, even if our way of life is downright evil and wrong. I’m not saying that all western culture is evil, but some of it is. And yet, we will go to war to preserve the western way. What is terrorism…and what is the difference? Think about it.

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