Posted by: Nathan M. | June 5, 2009

Obama Ignorance

Obama’s attempt at reaching out to the Muslim world is, to be extremely blunt, misguided and ignorant . There is something that Obama has not recognized about the Muslim world which he needs to see before he even begins to make any type of progress in finding peace. Muslims are not simply people that are disgruntled and need to be appeased in order to forget past wrongs. Muslims follow the Koran and the teachings of Muhammad, and because of this they cannot ever accept America as a legitimate power, nor can they ever have true peace with America. The Koran is very clear on how infidels must be dealt with-if a person cannot be converted, than there is no use for him in this world. Religion is something that is much more powerful than diplomacy and words. There will always be extremist Muslims-a true Muslim must hate America, because not to do so would be to betray the faith. Obama-undersand that you will not succeed in eliminating the Muslim extremists and terrorists, because they will always be replaced by more. There is only one thing that could actually end the conflict, and that would be a complete rejection of the Muslim religion by every Muslim-good luck with that.

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  1. Whoa, I have to say that is a big generalization. The Quran is clear that Muslims DEFEND Islam, not a convert or die attitude. While some have taken it to this point, so have “Christians” I’m the past (Charlemagne for example).

    There are five interpretaions of Jihad (hand, mind, pen, tongue and sword). Most Muslims do not practice jihad of the sword. It is usually rooted in manipulation for political ends (by those like osama bin laden).

    Is Islam a historically violent religion? It could easily be argued yes and I see your point there. But to make a generalization like that only leads to more misunderstandings between faiths. As Christians we must stop being confrontational and instead by rational and have respectful dialogue with other faiths, or problems like these will never go away

    Sorry about the long comment

  2. Tho props for being someone to analyze what Obama instead of mindlessly chanting “YES WE CAN” like all the other sheep

  3. Well, thanks for the props! But, here’s the thing. there are not five “interpretations” of Jihad, there are five pillars. These include hand, mind, pen, tongue, and sword. If you actually take the time to read the Quran, you will actually be quite shocked at what you find, because it does in fact contain very pointed instructions in committing violent crimes against the “infidels”, and also describes ways of overpowering the infidels if violence does not work as effectively as it could. Check out the Quran yourself.
    Here’s a link to a site that goes through all of the violent passages in the Quran:

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