Posted by: Nathan M. | June 15, 2009

American HealthCare Fears

CARTOONBig, bad Obama is threatening to bring in government-assisted healthcare into America. How could he? That’s terrible! As Mr. McConnell said, Americans "don’t want changes that will make existing problems worse. And that’s exactly what a government-run system would do." Yes, because we here in Canada are always suffering under our government-owned healthcare system. It’s a rough life for us Canadians who don’t have to worry about going to a hospital while on the verge of death and being turned away because we don’t have insurance. I honestly don’t know how we’ve survived so long. But don’t worry Americans, Obama says that, "when you hear the naysayers claim that I’m trying to bring about government-run health care, know this-they are not telling the truth."

Honestly, I will never understand why Americans are so against free healthcare. Well-in some ways I understand. Doctors aren’t really happy about the idea that they won’t be able to get filthy-rich off of the misfortunes of the American people. Insurance companies get really upset when they think of all that money not getting into their greedy hands, but why is it that the American people believe the lie that says that free, government-run healthcare is such an evil thing? I will definitely admit that the Canadian healthcare system over the last decade has not really been a good poster-boy for healthcare, but that is not because the system is flawed, it is because the Canadian government has stopped carrying, and has begun to really go to work in slashing funding. Many Canadians view free healthcare as one of our defining features. And yet America is so terrified of the very idea of it…seriously people! Wouldn’t it be something though? If America actually went that route and finally caught up to the rest of the Western world in the world of healthcare?

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  1. Per capita, the US spends more money than any other nation in the world. You would think their health care was good, but there are 2 reasons it is lousy. 1) They throw money at the problem instead of wisdom, intelligence, or even common sense. 2) Pharmaceuticals are the biggest moneymaker industry in America because they pay the politicians to send them funding.

    I agree, they do need to reform their healthcare, and state run would be better. But they can’t have a good reform under the current administration. Obama is too much of a politician to do the right thing, and the wrong side always pays better. Its a good idea, but he’s the wrong man to do it.

  2. It’s a good point, sometimes the easiest thing for a politician to do is to do the thing that saves money, because it’s easy to play that up and make the people like you, but then, Obama strikes me as a man who is willing to gamble a little in politics. If he could actually succeed in creating a health care system in America that worked and Americans liked, he would be making a lot of headway and would gain a lot of votes. It’s a tough call, I think Obama still has some surprises left in him though.

  3. This is the worst thing Obama could do right now (emphasis on right now). As a Canadian I am proud of our free healthcare, but it is not the time to start such a massive social program when the US is running such an enormous defecit and is up to it’s eyeballs in debt. Balance the books, gain enough of a surplus to start paying down debt, then you can start thinking about deprivatizing healthcare. Remember: right now the government makes money off healthcare, with this they lose money. Money doesn’t grow on trees, and future generations will begrudge our irresponsibility

  4. Btw could I get a ddifferant monster? I feel kinda ridiculas

  5. Sorry man, I’m not in control of that. They’re all randomized.

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