Posted by: Nathan M. | June 22, 2009

Russian Dictatorship

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Russia Cracks Down on Political Art
On June 11, Alexander Shchednov, known in Russia’s art circles as Shurik, was hanging up a collage outside the town hall in the southwestern city of Voronezh. The image showed the face of a coy looking Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s superimposed over the head of a woman in an evening dress, with the slogan: “Oh I don’t know … a third presidential [term] … it’s too much, on the other hand [three is a charm].” But Shchednov never got the chance to display his new work. Before he could hang the collage, he was arrested, the latest in a string of artists to fall victim to the heavy hand of Russian censorship.
Russia is moving more and more back to their old pattern. We still watch and wait. Remember what a dictatorship means, and what totalitarianism means, and the repercussions they can have.


  1. Kinda funny how the East and West politics were polar opposites, and now their both moving towards totalitarianism.

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