Posted by: Nathan M. | June 25, 2009

The Attack on Religion

This brought me near to throwing up, and is probably the scariest piece of news that I have seen for a very long time. I am not a catholic in any way, I am a Protestant. But I am well aware of the fact that, if they can do it to the Catholics, they can do it to me. What I am talking about is the recent course that has been introduced in Quebec by the Ministry of Education. The course is designed to teach about all religions, from an equal “even-handed way”, as Daniel Weinstock, a professor involved in the drafting of the program, said. The course must be taught without leaning towards any particular religion, including Catholicism-even though the course must be taught in the catholic schools themselves. Education Minister Michelle Courchesne has made it clear that a class slanted toward one religion is not acceptable.

Loyola’s court proceedings have just finished and it may be months
before a decision is handed down. But Weinstock says Quebec’s courts
have historically been averse to overturning provincial legislation—so
chances are, come this fall, Loyola will be teaching that all religions
are equal, whether it likes it or not.


Parents send their children to a religious school for the purpose of having their children learn about their religion. It is the parents’ responsibility to choose what their children should be taught, and choices should always be available to them. I understand that the Ministry would introduce a course such as this into the public school sector, but forcing it on the catholic schools is wrong, and demonstrates the growing intolerance for actual religion in Canada. What I mean by actual religion is when people actually believe in their religion, and don’t believe that it is simply one of the “many ways” that people can reach heaven. To be a Christian means that you believe that Jesus is the only way to God and heaven-to teach about Christianity and other religions without a slant towards Christianity is…well, unchristian! And so, this bit of news is absolutely terrifying to me, because it tells me that the day is not all that far away when I will no longer be allowed to send my children to a school that teaches them what I believe in. The government will try to force me to give my children an equal choice in all religions without a bias-which is like forcing me to give my children the option of going through a bunch of different doors, even though I believe that I know which door leads to heaven, and that all the other doors lead to hell-and I am not supposed to point them towards the door that leads to heaven.

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  1. Greetings. Sadly, it’s part of the plan as the world is being melded into a global governing entity and that will have a global religion. The book of Revelation is unfolding before us. I’m going to make a note of your blog so that I can stop back later on. You seem to follow some very important issues.

    Blessings in Jesus name.


  2. Been watching much left behind timbob?

  3. I think timbob’s just been reading his bible. Revelation is pretty clear on a lot of events that are going to transpire, and a world-wide government led by the beast is one of those events. I agree, it is scary, but events are definitely moving in a scripturaly prophesied direction.

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