Posted by: Nathan M. | June 25, 2009

A Happy Ending

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84-year-old man survives 4 days trapped in old well
A spunky, 84-year-old man from northern Vancouver Island who was trapped down a well shaft for four days is recovering from some bruises and dehydration after being discovered by a police dog on Wednesday afternoon.

Bob Bennett, 84, was rescued by RCMP Cpl. Terry Higginson, left, and police dog Nick.
Heavy rain and rugged terrain made search efforts arduous and, at times, very challenging, said police. But just after 3 p.m. PT, Nick the police dog led his handler, Cpl Terry Higginson, to a hole in the ground less than a metre wide on the side of a mountain.
Bennett was not visibly injured and insisted all he needed was a bowl of soup. He was taken to Port Hardy Hospital for assessment and was expected to be discharged from hospital on Thursday.
Cpl. Michelle LeBrun of Port Alice RCMP said, “Mr. Bennett, at 84 years old, has shown us that age means nothing when you have the will to survive.… He has left us with one of those stories that only come around once or twice in your career.”
It’s nice to see a happy ending in a story on the news every now and again. Enjoy!

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