Posted by: Nathan M. | June 25, 2009

Crackdown in Iran

The crackdown on reporters and voices of dissent is continuing in Iran. 70 University professors who met with Mousavi, the opposition leader in Iran, have reportedly been taken into custody. Mousavi has experienced increased pressure to drop his request for an investigation into election fraud, and protesters are being suppressed. There is a serious problem with a government when suppression at this level is occurring. A government that is afraid of dissent is no government at all. The authority that it holds is illegitimate, and the violence that the government is using on it’s people is simply a sick form of terrorism that is aimed at freedom.


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  1. Trit-

    I agree that the Grand Ayatollah and Achmadenijad are simply punks and thugs. The arrest of the intelligencia (University Professors) is a page out of the Khmer Rouge’s play book.

    Ironically, Mousavi was (and perhaps is) a thug himself going back to the 80’s and might be using the youth of Iran to advance his own personal agenda.

    I guess we will see.



  2. I did not know about Mousavi, that’s interesting. It seems there really isn’t much hope for a democratic Iran.

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