Posted by: Nathan M. | June 25, 2009

Tories vs. Grits

The Liberals have received a slap in the face, and it is a slap that will likely help them more than hinder them. The Tories have taken a very narrow lead over the Grits in the polls, according to CBC. This may be partly as a result of the negative campaigning that the Conservatives were putting on, although I sincerely hope that is not the case-that Canadians are above such dirty and pathetic tactics. However, I believe that the more likely reason for this plunge in the polls for the liberals is the recent push for an election among the liberal party. Many liberal members were pushing Ignatieff to kick off a new election, and the other parties were also promoting such a move. But, if harper-ignatieffthere is one thing that is certain in Canadian politics right now, it is that the Canadian people do not want another election right now. This means that if the liberals did push an election, there is almost no way for them to win it.

Ignatieff’s best political move is to play the waiting game. The problem is, this is a very hard game to play. In order to successfully gain enough support in the Polls, Ignatieff must continually be able to criticize the government and keep the government on it’s toes, while avoiding the image of a partisan bickering and self-interested politician. This means that the liberals have to basically wait for the conservatives to make mistakes in the eyes of the public, and capitalize on these mistakes. The problem is-how many mistakes will the conservatives make now? Most of the turmoil is over for the conservatives concerning decisions made in regards to the economy. Other issues that will arise will not be all that hard to maneuver for the tories, and regardless of what people say-Harper is a very intelligent and capable politician, he definitely knows what he’s doing. The best move for the Conservatives right now is to play the waiting game as well, because the longer they can stay in power without making significant mistakes, the more support they will inevitably gain. Many Canadians will vote for the party in power if things are all quiet on the various political fronts. So, the real deciding factor is how many mistakes the tories make, and how well the grits are able to capitalize on those mistakes.

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  1. Good to see the good guys in the lead!

  2. if only it were that simple, and there were good guys and bad guys in Canadian politics.

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