Posted by: Nathan M. | June 25, 2009

What’s In a Name?

clipped from
How could you, Rebekah?
What a shock to find that Rebekah Wade – smasher of glass ceilings, ruler of men, first woman to edit the Sun and soon to become chief executive of News International – is really a fluffy at heart. Married a fortnight ago, she has decided to take her second husband’s surname. He is racehorse trainer-turned-writer Charlie Brooks. So it’s Rebekah Brooks now, everybody.
she’ll be letting down all those thousands of women, from 1850s Massachusetts suffragette Lucy Stone onwards, who have fought for women to retain their own names and independence. But there’s clearly no arguing with her. She will be Mrs Brooks.
She’s the last sort of woman you’d expect to opt to take the back seat, yet here she is, giving up her own name like an ordinary little wife.
This was an article by Michele Hanson of the Guardian. Now, I have no idea who Rebekah Sheaves is-I don’t really know what she does, but that is not the point. The point is that Michele Hanson is the stupidest woman that I have ever heard of, and is completely ignorant of the glorious institution of marriage. The whole idea is that two people are joined into one-they share a name, they are of the same family. For a woman to be willing to give away her name and take on a new one, she must have a great amount of courage, and trust in her future husband. She is stepping out into a whole new life that she will share with her husband. This is not a demonstration of a woman’s weakness as Hanson seems to suggest-it is a demonstration of the strength and courage of a woman. I, personally, am overjoyed that I have found a woman who is willing to bring her life alongside mine in order to walk with me, because I couldn’t do what I want to do on my own.
What really grinds my gears is one sentence; “yet here she is, giving up her own name like an ordinary little wife.” Ordinary little wife? What the heck is that? How is it ordinary for a woman to be able to hold up half of a marriage, and walk alongside a man in unity? Hanson should try preserving unity some time; it’s not as easy as it looks. Rebekah Sheaves is the strong woman here, because she is willing to love and be loved, and jump off the cliff into a whole new world. Hanson obviously doesn’t have the guts.

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