Posted by: Nathan M. | June 29, 2009

Cellphones: The God of Western society.

This is an email that I received from my brother that I believe  is important and needs to be shared.

I sit typing this on the Blackberry Bold I own but am sick of after six months of full, reliable and uninterrupted use.  Despite the fact that it gives me more than I would have ever dreamed possible on a device so small, I complain because there are newer and more feature rich phones available.

cell-phonesThe danger in the cell phone is not just its addictive quality and material attraction, but society’s ever increasing reliance on the 2 inch by 3 and a half pieces of hard plastic.  Currently the contact information for everyone we know is stored on our phones.  If we lose them we lose friends and family.  With the invention of the text message people have the ability to fulfill their need for society without even having to talk.

The obsession to combine more and more of our technologies has led to the creation of mini super-computers.  What median of media is not accessible?  Cell phones can now be used as tethering devices to give you internet access on your computer.  They act as mass storage devices for movies, music and pictures which can then be accessed on the phone or through a connection to a computer or speakers.  Television can be accessed easily through either a tethered connection to the computer or even on the phone using the ever increasing internet television market.  Any news source in the world can be accessed to a certain extent through the joys of the world wide web.

Even purchase power is aided through the attainment of a cell phone.  Anything imaginable can be ordered through the internet.  With a few button clicks I could have a bbq delivered to my house next week.  Who uses a bbq though when there are so many things to occupy my time.  I’d rather do an online order for take-out.  The new Android operating system gives phones the ability to scan barcodes on merchandise.  With very little work, software could be developed giving us the power to scan out our own items and leave the store without the retailer ever needing to pay a teller and letting you avoid the lines where you inevitably get drawn into conversations with people you don’t want to talk to.images

To the individualistic society that we are we have found what seems to be the ultimate cure.  Our never-ending fear of communism has led to a fear of sharing.  Why get a home phone when everyone can have their own cell phone?  Why get the internet when everyone can connect individually using their own custom designed data plans?  Why share when you have the power to get anything you want right at your fingertips.  Cell phones are slowly but surely taking away the need for real interaction while slowly but surely becoming the most desired, needed and hated object in our lives.

Ryan-Manager for Rogers’ Wireless.

Dancing Before the Ark of the Lord.


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