Posted by: Nathan M. | July 1, 2009

Somebody’s Thinking!

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B.C. to train unemployed to help fight forest fires

Laid-off forest workers would be perfect to help in hot, dry summer, minister says
The B.C. government is looking to train 750 unemployed people to help fight wildfires this summer.

Forests Minister Pat Bell said that with the summer expected to be hot and dry, B.C. may not have enough regular crews to tackle wildfires and may not be able to get help from the military and other provinces.

He said the province could use reinforcements on the fire lines, and laid-off forest workers and others who are unemployed would be perfect for the job.

The training program will pay people $15 an hour to take a two-day basic fire suppression and safety course, qualifying them for possible work this summer.

The $250,000 training program will have courses in Kamloops, Castlegar, Prince George, Smithers, Williams Lake and Parksville.

People who are interested in the job can get more information at

Man, what a great idea-get something done, while giving jobs to a whole lot of unemployed people. This is the kind of thinking we need done in politics-bravo!


  1. This is the only way srimulas works, paying the unemployed to do something USEFUL

    Too often it feels like they hire them one day to dig a hole, then hire them again to fill it

    Congratulations BC-you’ve managed to use your brains instead throwing money at the problem

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