Posted by: Nathan M. | July 1, 2009

Vlad Does it Again

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Rounding on Yuri Kobaladze, the chain’s head of corporate relations, Mr Putin demanded: “Why do your sausages cost 240 roubles? Is that normal?”

“But these are high quality sausages,” Mr Kobaladze replied, looking crestfallen.
With a look of relief crossing his face, the executive spotted some cheaper sausages.
“Look, these ones are just 49 roubles,” he said.
But the prime minister was not to be deterred. “Too expensive,” he muttered, before conjuring up a price list from his pocket. “I can show you your mark up. Look at this kind of sausage. You’ve marked it up by 52%.”
Having primed his victim, Mr Putin moved in for the kill. Consulting his crib sheet, he pointed towards a packet of pork fillets.
“This is double the [cost] price,” he said to Mr Kobaladze. “Is this normal?”
“Is 120% a high mark up?” Mr Kobaladze responded timidly.
“Very high,” the prime minister said.

“It will be lowered tomorrow,” the executive replied.

Vladimir Putin storms into Moscow supermarket
Vladimir Putin-back off, and let the market be a market. Prices should not EVER be touched by the government, it screws things up-communism doesn’t work Vlad, don’t try it. But then, communism might work for Putin-it would give him the power that he craves.


  1. Amen

    But that’s the way the world is turning these days, communism under the guise of democracy (or democracy only when conveniant)

    Russia is not the first to try it

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