Posted by: Nathan M. | July 17, 2009

Parent? What’s That?

There is a frightening tendency within this world for governments to take control of the rearing of children over the authority of parents, even when the parents are perfectly capable of raising children themselves. I posted earlier on a new law in Quebec that makes it mandatory for all schools to teach a course that presents all religions on an equal footing. I found out that this course actually insists on the children “being” a certain religion for a week. Children will take part in islamism, christianity, judaism, and other religions by actually taking part in the religious ceremonies that these religions contain. This means that, if I was sending my children to one of these schools, my children would have to at least go through the motions of worshiping Alah, a monotheistic god (as opposed to the trinity), and likely other gods such as the earth itself, etc. So, essentially my children would be forced into disobeying the ten commandments, School Childrenand countless scriptures in the Bible.

Another recent development that has occured in Britain is a general tendency towards seperating the children from their parents in authority and trust. It has recently come up that teachers are to be trusted more than parents themselves when it comes to children. In the East Beds School Sports Partnership Athletics Day at Sandy Upper School in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, parents were literally banned from attending because of the fear of pedophiles. I’m not sure what the logic in this was, if there was any at all, since I highly doubt that keeping parents away from their children during a sports event will prevent bad parents from doing bad things. If anything, having the parents there will ensure that the teachers do not do anything questionable. Not to mention the fact that children need the support of their parents in order to really grow and mature.

During the May 14 CBS Evening News broadcast, the anchor featured a guest expert who said parents “need help from the government” to stop advertisers from turning children into underage drinkers, smokers, and worse. More and more in Canada and throughout the world, the government is stepping in to interfere with parenting. Has anyone read the book 1984 by George Orwell? Or for that matter, has anyone read revelations?

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