Posted by: Nathan M. | September 27, 2009


Y23_Exploding_Clock_Dali_SalvadorThere is never enough time in this world for all of the things that we all want to do. It seems that there is always something else that draws my eye and makes me want to start a new hobby, learn something new, or go in a new direction. This is, in many ways, what makes it so very difficult to actually receive the joy out of life. Many people will tell you that you need to go around and try everything in order to truly live, but I disagree. I believe that the way to truly get everything out of life that you can is to dedicate yourself to a few select things. Do not overtax yourself with everything, and never actually accomplish anything. The best things in life have to be pursued, and if we flit around to every distraction, we are never able to experience the fullness of life. God calls us to dedication, and that is what we must do. That does not simply mean giving God a couple minutes in the morning and the evening for our devotions and prayers-it is an everlasting dedication and discipline in toning our bodies and minds towards serving God. The really exciting part about this is the fact that through such dedication, we are able to receive eternal life. What this means is that our dedication to God will give us the opportunity to complete all of the dreams and goals that we have now throughout eternity. Perhaps that is why we have so many dreams, and yet so little time-they are dreams that will be fulfilled-not in this life, but the next.


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