Posted by: Nathan M. | September 30, 2009

Money Battles

I have just completed a series of meetings with Senate, during which we heard the presentation of all of the various budgets from the different clubs that exist within the fighting-over-moneyuniversity that I am enrolled in. We then progressed to work our way through each club’s budget and give or take what we believed to be best for the student body. We receive a very specific amount of money from the students upon the beginning of each school year, so it was necessary to stay within a certain money-frame. Now, what I found profoundly interesting was the various changes that came over people during the progression of the meeting, and because of this I have realized that the discussion of money has a dramatic effect on people. Many of the clubs asked for things that were not needed, and were simply extravagant. However, I found myself not simply striking these extra requests, but in some ways becoming annoyed and frustrated with the requests. I kept thinking of what I would do if the money was going to me, and then judging the clubs according to that standard. I found many of the other members of Senate doing the same thing, and then I realized that we still had very different opinions about how the money should be spent. Despite this conflict of opinions, most of us had no doubt at all that our own opinion of where the money should go is absolutely the best one.

Money makes people very sensitive to needs and desires, since it is often the currency of desire. What this means is that our passions are directly linked to what we want to do with the money that is available, and it is very difficult to separate these passions from our decision-making process. I have no doubt that more conflict occurred within the span of the three hours that it took us to decide who received how much money, then will occur for the rest of the year on Senate.


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