Posted by: Nathan M. | December 12, 2009

Why Are Fire Engines Red?

Why are fire engines red?

  • Because they’ve got 8 wheels and 4 people on them
  • 8 + 4 = 12
  • There are 12 inches in a foot
  • One foot is a ruler
  • There was a ruler named Queen Elizabeth
  • A ship named Queen Elizabeth sails the seas
  • In the seas are fish
  • On the fish are fins
  • The Fins fought the Russians
  • And Russians are red.

And that’s why fire engines are red. Because they’re always rushin’


  1. My late husband, Dr. Gary F. Beasley used to always recite this to kids at church or school functions. I couldn’t remember exactly how it went, knew I would find it on the web!

  2. This humorous soliloquy is one of my fathers favorites. I think he must have learned it in the 1940’s. Although, not sure if he learned it on his own or in school. We would ask him to write it down for us but, he never would and I couldn’t remember all of the words after he had recited it. He has many learned soliloquy’s from the ‘40’s, his early boyhood years in Waco,Tx where his family would listen to the radio shows with the slapstick humor. After weekend nights of that, they wood each try to outdo each other with a performance of some sort whether it be a poem, piano piece, bird -call, or a soliloquy. I guess those really were, “the good ol’ days!”

  3. So very true! Sometimes I wish I was from them!

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