Posted by: Nathan M. | December 29, 2009

The Quick Fix

I have recently been struck by the tendency in our society to always look for the ‘quick fix’ in all aspects of life. It amazes me how many times this trend shows up when the world is suffering from a serious problem. And, almost every time, these quick fix attempts end up making the situation worse. For example, in relationships there is a strong tendency towards the quick fix. People don’t like to really get into the issues and so they tend to push the issues down and suppress them. The result is a relationship that looks good for a while, but inevitably crashes because of the storm under the surface. The quick fix to the relationship is to ignore the problem. The solution is to really get into the issues that are tearing at the relationship, and work your way through them. But, people don’t want to have to deal with that-they want to simply enjoy the benefits of a good relationship.

Another example is the dramatic increase in use of drugs to solve problems. This includes things such as depression, ADHD, and other disorders. Many of these-I’m not saying all-should be dealt with through support from other people, and hard work. ADHD, for example, is being used as a label for any child with an unordinary level of energy. Many parents simply are not willing to take the time to train these children, so they go for the easy fix-they dope up the kids so that the kids become docile. But, that’s no way to deal with it! Many of these children have been given an extra dose of energy as a gift so that they have greater potential to accomplish different things in life. Depression is another example-we are no longer willing to spend the time helping people that are suffering from depression, so instead we try to fix their problems by giving them a pill. What then ends up happening is that the person becomes addicted to the pill, and when the doses stop, the person has nothing to hold onto and is worse off then before. The actual problem is not touched, simply glazed over with a quick fix that ends up causing more damage then good.

Yet another example of the quick fix is how our government often deals with the problems of the economy and crime. Instead of actually dealing with the root of the problem in our economy-the greed that drives people to exploit and take as much as they can until the whole system crashes-our government simply throws money at the issue and tries to perpetuate a system that is bound for destruction. Some day we will all have to look at the problems that we glazed over face-on, and we will all realize that they have grown into much larger monsters as a result of our own laziness.



  1. Hey Nathan,
    Great post- I’ve had a problem with the psych-industries heavy reliance on drugs for a long time (especially having known people who were run through the whole range of options over the years while their psychiatrists scratched their heads and wondered WHAT could be wrong).
    I think specific to that example of quick fixes it’s worth especially targeting not the efficiency of the cure, but the purpose. We as an evolution-led society believe that bodies are functional systems. This is why when someone acts abnormal, we say they’re “dysfunctional” (instead of sinful).
    The problem in medical science is that we believe that everything must be part of chemical processes in the body- the emotions and thoughts come FROM the chemicals, not vice versa. Thus, when someone acts socially abnormal (which could mean ADD, or depression, or many other psychological “illnesses”) we proceed directly to attempting to fix the system. Scientists seem to believe that if we tweak the right chemicals and tighten the right pipes the brain will go back to normal. Personally I believe that the mind operates at least partially outside the body- much of what we think is almost instantly manifested in the body’s production of chemicals, and perhaps if one dwells on depressing subjects, for instance, one’s brain might become used to pumping out those chemicals- but the mind itself begins, and can be retrained, as an independent aspect of the human body. Until science realizes that- which might involve, say, throwing evolution in the trash bin- then we’ll continue to treat symptoms in an effort to fix humans.

  2. I completely agree with you Kevin. I have had so many people tell me about chemical imbalances leading to depression, etc. What most people fail to realize is that this chemical imbalance that people refer to occurs at every emotional state. When people are happy, sad, or whatever, they have some type of chemical imbalance. It is a natural thing!

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